Informe estat del mercat del talent digital a Barcelona
Post to 29/06/2020
El passat 22 de juny es va presentar l'informe Digital talent Overview...
ACCIÓ presenta l'informe 'La robòtica a Catalunya'
Post to 09/03/2020
ACCIÓ publishes the report 'Robotics in Catalonia' according to which...
Imatge per difondre l'informe sobre tendències de ciberseguretat T1 2019 “El mercadeig amb dades personals”
Post to 09/09/2019
The Information Security Center of Catalonia (CESICAT) presents the CyberSecurity Trends Report T1 2019 "The marketing with personal data", where they share reflections on some topics in the field of cyber-security in the first quarter of 2019.
Informe ‘La intel·ligència artificial a Catalunya’ 2019
Post to 15/07/2019
179 companies and 8,483 workers work in the field of artificial intelligence in Catalonia that invoice 1,358 million euros.
Cover page of the report "What next for digital social innovation?"
Post to 22/05/2017
That is what says the report "What next for digital social innovation?". It maps the projects and organizations using technology to tackle social challenges across Europe. It also explores the barriers to the growth of digital social innovation.
Infographic with data from the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report
Post to 02/02/2017
The Global NGO Online Technology Report try to answer this question every year. They just published the 2017 report, based on data from nearly 5,000 organizations around the world. It is the only annual research project dedicated to studying the use of new technologies by the third sector.
How and why NGOs use the Internet?
Post to 03/01/2017
Good for Nonprofit Tech portal publishes an annual report about how institutions, NGOs and donors from around the world use new technologies and what they use.
Informe "La digitalización: ¿crea o destruye empleos?"
Post to 13/12/2016
A report of the multinational specialized in human resources, Randstad, sais that the coming years will generate over one million jobs related to the STEAM disciplines which, however, lacks trained professionals.
Baròmetre de la innovació 2015
Post to 21/06/2016
The ACCIÓ Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia has published the main findings and results of the Innovation Barometer, which collects statistical information on R & D and innovation have developed the Catalan companies in 2015. The...
Mapa sobre com valoren els països de parla hispana el software lliure
Post to 17/12/2014
A aquesta i a altres preguntes donen resposta l'informe "Valoración del software libre en la sociedad (2014)" i el Rànquing de la valoració del software lliure per països, ambdós publicats recentment per...
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