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A study reveals the trends and challenges of the future of artificial intelligence in Catalonia

Posted on 15/07/2019
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Informe ‘La intel·ligència artificial a Catalunya’ 2019
Informe ‘La intel·ligència artificial a Catalunya’ 2019, for Pexels. 2019. Licence: BY-SA

179 companies and 8,483 workers work in the field of artificial intelligence in Catalonia that invoice 1,358 million euros.

The impulse of the Artificial intelligence constitutes a priority of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which has led to the creation of a report to support the deployment of IA technology and to bring Catalonia to lead the attraction of talent in this field.

Of these 179 companies, 92% are SMEs : 71.5% are under 10 and 63% are startups . This reveals that it is a young and incipient sector with a great growth potential.

They are data collected in the report 'The artificial intelligence in Catalonia' produced by ACTION - the agency for the competitiveness of the company depending on the Department of Business and Knowledge - and the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The vast majority offer services linked to the development of software or smart devices (74.9%), but also work on the creation of algorithms (10.6%), in the field of consultancy (10, 6%) or are providers of services based on these technologies (3.9%)

Thanks to the results of the report, the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia, through the Department of Digital Policies, is preparing the artificial intelligence strategy of Catalonia under the name CATALONIA.AI . This program will serve to develop the IA ecosystem in Catalonia and lead the knowledge , research , application and creation of solutions based on artificial intelligence and foster economic growth to improve the lives of people.

Among the trends and challenges of the future of the future that will influence the AI, we find connectivity and convergence in relation to the digitization of economies and the intelligent connectivity that new commercial models and products play in which AI is fundamental .

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