Curs gratuït per a persones educadores STEAM
Post to 03/05/2021
El curs STEAMonEDU MOOC comença el 10 de maig i dóna suport al desenvolupament professional de persones educadores i gerents / directors/es i els guia per a convertir-se en tutors,...
Ciberseguretat a la Xarxa Punt TIC
Post to 19/04/2021
Com treballen els Punt TIC la ciberseguretat? Quines eines tenim a l'abast? En aquest nou vídeo, parlem amb la Silvia Hernández del PT Òmnia Servei Solidari...
All Digital Week 2021
Post to 22/03/2021
From the 22nd to the 31st of March, All Digital Week 2021 returns for one more year to give people tools and approaches to develop and improve digital skills. It is organized by the European...
Imagen del proyecto STEMConnectats de la entidad social Sistema THEAD
Post to 03/03/2021
The social entity Sistema THEAD promotes the STEMConnectats project aimed at educational centers for the training and development of teachers in Sustainable Development and inclusion through robotics and programming. The selection period...
Imatge del programa #JovesInTech
Post to 01/03/2021
The Fundació Esplai is looking for volunteers of legal age residing in Barcelonès or Baix Llobregat to offer extracurricular training in the ICT field for young people over 14 years of age of migrant origin and their families...
Poster of the initiation training in design and 3D printing of the TIC Alta Ribagorça Point
Post to 11/02/2021
The PuntTIC of Alta Ribagorça launches a course to get started in 3D design, printing and animation. The course will be online. There will be 5 videoconference sessions of approximately 1.5 hours, the first next Tuesday, February 16, at 7:30 p.m....
BDT promotes actions to attract digital talent
Post to 08/02/2021
The Barcelona Digital Talent (BDT) and the Department of Digital Policies, promote an initiative to attract digital talent with awareness and reorientation actions for professionals. Participate in the activities and workshops from...
Training 1st quarter 2021 TIC Point Palau
Post to 01/02/2021
The Palau TIC Point opens registrations for free online training during the first quarter of 2021 on various topics such as photography, mobile applications or...
ICT programming poster Òmnia La Seu 2021
Post to 19/01/2021
The La Seu Omnia Point begins in 2021 with a new program with training and workshops to respond to the digital and technological needs of citizens.


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