The technical and dynamism office is in charge of the service of attention and advice to the facilitators and participants of the Punt TIC Network. A group of professionals dedicated to communication and innovation that looks after the good workings of the network.

You can consult or request information directly to the Technical Office of the Punt TIC Network when you want to resolve issues such as:

  • Specialized advice and advice about ICT, by phone or in person
  • Updated information: news, events, announcements and lines of aid, tools and ICT resources
  • Space and advice on the publication of content and dissemination on the official website
  • Virtual space for relationship, contact and collaborative work with other points and dynamic people
  • Training resources for permanent training
  • Virtual training environment and resource repository ( )
  • Advice on management
  • Weekly bulletin with information on the activity of the different centers
 902 365 209