L'informe Pols Digital d'Adevinta analitza com la COVID-19 ha modulat l'economia digital a l'estat espanyol, com és el nou consumidor sorgit arran de la pandèmia i quins són les principals tendències per al 2021. El 56% de les famílies destinen entre 50 i 250 € al mes en comerç online, 11 punts més que abans de la pandèmia.

Buy online
Buy online.

The report, based on a survey of 1,201 people in Spain and data extracted from the activity recorded on Adevinta and its digital marketplaces, the budget for online shopping focuses on the articles for the home, the protagonists of 59% of online shopping, technology (53%) and fashion (52%). Food, pharmaceuticals and home delivery are the ones that have grown the most as a result of COVID-19, with increases of 18, 14 and 6 points, respectively.

Today, one in four Spaniards spends between 21% and 50% of their budget on Internet consumption, almost double that recorded before COVID-19. In this sense, 56% of Spanish families spend between € 50 and € 250 a month on online commerce, 11 points above the budget allocated before the pandemic.