How and why NGOs use the Internet?
How and why NGOs use the Internet?. Font: Nonprofit Tech for Good.

The report is a joint research project of the Public Interest Registry and post Nonprofit Tech for Good. Aims to gain a better understanding of how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world use technology to communicate with their partners and donors.

To make the 2016 report 2,780 nonprofit organizations from various countries in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and America were consulted.

Some of the most significant data from 2016 NGO Global Online Technology Report are:

  • Website, blogs and newsletters. 92% of the organizations surveyed have a website.
  • 70% use a .org domain on the Internet. 9% use a .com, .net 2% a. The remaining 18% use domains.
  • 46% publish a blog.
  • 75% regularly send newsletters.
  • Small organizations have an average of 6,035 subscribers. Entities medium and large 55596. 357714.

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