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Digitisation will generate 1,250,000 jobs in Spain in five years

Posted on 13/12/2016
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Informe "La digitalización: ¿crea o destruye empleos?"
Informe "La digitalización: ¿crea o destruye empleos?". Source: Randstad Research

A report of the multinational specialized in human resources, Randstad, sais that the coming years will generate over one million jobs related to the STEAM disciplines which, however, lacks trained professionals.

The report The digitalization: ¿creates or destroys jobs? analyzes the effects that will have the adoption of the latest technology by businesses in the labor market. It calculates that digitization will generate in Spain 1.25 million jobs from now till 2022, 390,000 of which will be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). They join 689,000 other sites that will support STEM and other 168,000 indirect jobs.

The report, however, warns that the existing profiles in the labor market "are insufficient to meet this need" and sais that the gap between business needs and supply in the labor market will increase in the coming years. In fact, recent years has decreased the number of students in careers related to science, mathematics, technology and engineering. It is estimated that the coming years will continue this downward trend.

This study is not the only one that talks about the growing need for professionals in the technology sector, both in Spain and in Europe. Therefore, the European Union and other organizations are conducting campaigns to promote the STEAM disciplines among young people, such as eSkills for jobs, Hour of Code, Technovation, Future Makers Awards, Wisibilízalas, YoMo, European Ada Awards, etc.

Source: Un blog en red

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