9ª  trobada de centres innovadors de Catalunya
Post to 20/09/2021
Colectic participa el 30 de setembre amb el projecte STEAMonEDU a la 9 ena. trobada de centres innovadors de Catalunya...
Tips per a l'emprenedoria digital femenina
| Event Date: 21/09/2021
Post to 13/09/2021 | Event Date: 21/09/2021
 La Plataforma Tecnològica Espanyola de Tecnologies Disruptives (DISRUPTIVE) organitza el 21 de setembre al matí una sessió dedicada a l'emprenedora digital femenina. Es podrà seguir en...
Programa Noies ROBOCAT
Post to 10/05/2021
L’associació El Racó dels Robotaires posa en marxa el programa Noies ROBOCAT amb l’objectiu de fomentar les vocacions STEM entre les...
XIII Jornades de programació i robòtica educatives
| Event Date: 29/05/2021
Post to 12/04/2021 | Event Date: 29/05/2021
Aquest any, les Jornades de programació i robòtica educatives organitzades pel Departament d'Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya, serà una edició c
Talk on Women, Science and Technology
Post to 15/02/2021
On February 11, the Day of Women and Girls in Science 2021 was commemorated and from the Office of Dynamization of the TIC Point Network we carried out...
Virtual Round Table 11F: The scientific woman is not an oxymoron, but a silenced reality
| Event Date: 11/02/2021
Post to 08/02/2021 | Event Date: 11/02/2021
On the occasion of February 11, the Day of Women and Girls in Science, the Sant Antoni Omnia Point organizes the round table: "The scientific woman is not an oxymoron, but a silenced reality" at 7:00 p.m. on its ...
Robotics and programming in Alta Ribagorça
Post to 02/02/2021
After a time marked by the Covidien-19 pandemic, restrictions, confinements, etc. The Alta Ribagorça ICT Point and the region's teaching centers restart the cycle of robotics and programming sessions that will take place in all primary and secondary schools.
'No More Matildas' capaign
Post to 25/01/2021
The Association of Women Researchers and Technologists wants to recover in textbooks despised scientists in history and has launched the 'No More Matildas' campaign to put an end to the lack of...
11f 2021
Post to 25/01/2021
February 11 marks the Day of Women and Girls in Science and from the Oficina de Dinamizació de la Xarxa Punto TIC we encourage you one more year to join the...
Focus group STEAMonEdu
Post to 18/01/2021
Colectic, partner of the Erasmus + KA3 project "STEAMonEdu", organizes a focus group of participatory design "The new educational framework STEAMonEdu", to be held online...
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