Carolina Crespo, professora de Tecnologia i ambaixadora d'STEAMcat, ha creat un material d'aprenentatge en obert sobre la placa micro:bit per a pensar activitats de programació educativa. Coneix com aplicar-ho al teu Punt TIC.

Micro:bit board
Micro:bit board. License: BY-SA.

The training material corresponds to the training organized by the STEAMcat program in 2020 aimed at primary and secondary school teachers from centers participating in this pedagogical innovation program. Created by Carolina Crespo , Technology teacher, program ambassador, it is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license .

Social robotics , agrotechnology , STEAM activities Mission to Mars and how to create a sustainable classroom are the topics covered by this blog with the aim of thinking about creative activities with micro:bit. Students will be able to learn about the micro:bit platform and the Makecode programming environment.