11f 2021
11f 2021. Author: Oficina de Dinamització Tècnica. 2021. License: BY-SA.

Do you know who Mildred Dresselhaus or Felisa Martín Bravo were? Currently, women's access to science-related careers continues to have many barriers and to promote the presence of women in technology and science, since 2015, the United Nations has created February 11, International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

What can you do to celebrate this day at your point?

This year, the February 11 initiative encourages schools, bookstores, cultural centers, etc. to conduct activities to commemorate this day from February 1 to 15 at the state level.

For this reason, from February 1 to 15 we will conduct an awareness campaign through HT # 11F, # 11FDonesTIC, #DonesTIC, #NoiesTIC. Label us and we will give you a hand with the dissemination.

The materials and resources you find in the Women's and ICT Repository can inspire you to think of activities for your points. Also, you can use the materials from the blog February 11. We will spread the word through our social channels on Twitter and Instagram and we encourage you to do so!

Organize some activity at your Punt with these Kahoots

Do you know women scientists? What do you know about inventions? Organize some activity at your point with these two Kahoots, where you will discover the names of leading women in the field of science, as well as creations of inventors who make life easier.

  1. Women Scientists Kahoot
  2. Women Inventors Kahoot

Here we also leave you the bibliography of this topic in the general section of the course to be able to answer this Kahoot and solve the doubts of who they are and what they did.

Send us your video! 

On February 11, Day of Women and Girls in Science, we suggest that you send us a video! The activity is intended for Facilitating people, participants of the different Punts TIC, STEAM women and scientists, etc. to bring together and make visible the contributions of STEAM women and scientists by recording a video between 1-2 minutes maximum.

You can explain women's and ICT projects in your Punts, their experiences as STEAM women, what you do, what projects they are involved in, biographies of pioneering women scientists... whatever you want! With the collection of videos, we will make a montage that we will publish on the Punt TIC's YouTube channel of Punt TIC.

Talk about ICT women

On February 11 from 10.30 am to 11.30 am we will hold a talk on women, science and technology with winners of the DonesTIC Awards:

  • Núria Salan, Chemist and PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Agnès Malé Gabarró, student in the second year of the Higher Degree Training Cycle in Networked Computer Systems Administration
  • Andrea Querol de Porras, researcher at the Barcelona Super Computing Center

You can follow it live in our YouTube Channel