Jornada DonaTIC 6 de març 2020
Post to 02/03/2020
On March 6 , the Secretariat of Digital Policies presents the lines of action of the PlaDonaTIC to make women more visible in the ICT sector.
Imatge per a difondre el programa "Empoderament total: dones i tecnologia" de TV3
Post to 04/07/2019
One of the challenges of the gender perspective in the field of ICT is to put an end to the digital divide to break with the male and masculine world and achieve parity between men and women . At this point, the...
Noies al YOMO
Post to 05/05/2017
El projecte europeu Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils també aborda la perspectiva de gènere, a l'hora de dissenyar un nou model d'escola i d'aprenentatge col·laboratiu.
Jornada 12x12 Dones i TIC, presidida per Neus Munté
Post to 20/07/2016
On July 7, the 12 x 12 Women and ICT event took place in the Palace of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The event was chaired by the Minister of the Presidency, Neus Munté. The event was put relevant Government will strengthen and promote the presence...
Dones i TIC
Post to 03/05/2016
The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap will not close until the year 2133. Coinciding with the celebration of International Day of Girls in ICT , which took place on April 28,...
| Event Date: 10/05/2016
Post to 27/04/2016 | Event Date: 10/05/2016
The Association Mithra up a blended learning course aimed at women who want to examine the mean level of ACTIC, the accreditation of digital skills promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia. The training is...
Emprenedores: miralls de futur
Post to 26/04/2016
In the celebration of May 1, International Workers Day, the Centre Services Companies Can Muntanyola Granollers launched "Entrepreneurs Woman: mirrors of future", a sample of stories relating to professional women which wants to give visibility to their...
Noies i Tecnologia: noves professions
Post to 16/03/2016
"I si el meu futur és a les TIC?". Amb aquesta senzilla pregunta l'entitat Mithra de Santa Coloma de Cervelló ha animat a les nenes i joves del municipi a reflexionar sobre les seves sortides professionals en l'àmbit de la tecnologia. Es tracta d'una...
Nenes i TIC
Post to 10/03/2016
El proper 24 d'abril es commemora el Dia Internacional de les Nenes a les TIC, una jornada que vol reflexionar sobre la importància de promoure l'ús i interès de les nenes i joves envers la tecnologia. Segons la National Science Foundation, només el 13%...
Post to 08/03/2016
On the occasion of the commemoration of March 8, Point TIC wants his tribute to women workers and fighters, and especially to those who are encouraging others to engage in professions related technologies.
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