Imatge per a difondre el programa "Empoderament total: dones i tecnologia" de TV3
Imatge per a difondre el programa "Empoderament total: dones i tecnologia" de TV3. Author: Pixabay. 2015. License: BY-SA.

For years, women work to become a hole in the world of new technologies , where they are still less than 30% . They are and they want to be on this path, they work to make themselves visible and create a model that will inspire other women and girls and help them to empower themselves.

In the chapter, "Total empowerment: women and technology" the well-known "influencer", businesswoman and model Vanesa Lorenzo and the Catalan entrepreneurs of the TIC world Helena Torres , mentora investor, and Mar Alarcón , from SocialCar , speak and debate on parity and tools to Break with the digital gender gap between men and women.

Additionally, Anna Mercadé , Director of the Women, Business and Economy Observatory of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, goes to the set; Khaoula Boumaaza ; influence Girona; Isona Passola , president of the Academy of Catalan Cinema; Liz Castro , from the group Onsonlesdones; Sor Lucia Caram , nun and Christian activist; Lluís Juncà , General Director of Economic Promotion of the Generalitat and Jordi Arrufí , Digital Transformation Director at Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

The "Revolution 4.0" program is the program of entrepreneurs and digital transformation that is directed and presented by journalist Xantal Llavina in Catalunya Ràdio with the collaboration of El Terrat, which shows stories in a way that is popular and entertaining of the best entrepreneurial and digital talent in the country. It is broadcast on TV3 on Tuesday at 23:00, and at Catalunya Ràdio on Sundays at 23.05.