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The figures also dumped in the countries belonging to the OECD, only 1 in 5 graduates in computing and telecommunications are women. Concerning Spain, only 8% of girls aged 15 to study Computing, compared 25% of children of the same age who claims to want to do it. These figures mean that a high percentage of the world population isn't accessing professional opportunities arising from the technology industry and communications.

The EU estimated that by 2020 there will be 825,000 job vacancies in Europe related to computer science and ICT. It is therefore necessary to facilitate the access of women in this field to ensure the competitiveness of companies in the long term. In fact, it is not only companies directly related to the ICT sector. The EU itself says that 90% of the jobs of the future will require digital skills.

Other reports from Microsoft demonstrate that women represent 18% of professionals in the technology industry and only 19% of workers in the ICT sector has a woman as head. Meanwhile, the International Telecommunication Union highlights its report on employability in the technology industry while in the eighties, women accounted for 37% of computer science degrees in the United States, today this percentage has fallen to 20%.