Technovation Girls 2019 a Terres de Ponent
Post to 27/01/2020
The Spiral Association Education and Technology and Technovation Girls invites women and men who want to guide the learning and...
Stem Women Congress 2019
Post to 23/12/2019
The Stem Women Congress was held on November 15 in Barcelona, to promote a joint action plan between all the institutions and organizations that support the Stem field in order to achieve a world...
Imatge per difondre les sessions a les biblioteques de la Technovation 2020
Post to 05/12/2019
The Spiral Education and Technology Association holds informative sessions in January in different libraries in Barcelona to explain the new edition of the...
Launch Event de la Technovation Girls Catalonia el 8 de novembre a l'Espai Bital de Barcelona
Post to 15/11/2019
L'Associació Espiral, Educación i Tecnología i Technovation Girls Catalonia, en col·laboració amb la Biblioteca Montserrat Abelló, conviden el 21 de novembre a les 17.45h a la Biblioteca Montserrat Abelló a la primera sessió sobre...
Imatge per difondre el Stem Women Congress (SWC) 2019
Post to 01/10/2019
The Stem Women Congress (SWC) , an initiative that seeks to promote the empowerment of women in the technological world and a joint action plan between institutions and organizations that support the STEM area, is celebrated in Barcelona...
Dones treballant en equip
Post to 12/06/2019
The Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (CTecno) organizes a breakfast-networking next Thursday, July 4 with the collaboration and sponsorship of Barcelona Activa...
Imatge de dones treballant
Post to 17/05/2019
The Pompeu i Fabra University is organizing a new edition of Women in Technology Day to celebrate women's leadership in the world of information and...
Anunci de l'acte 'Noies, les TIC són Nostres'
| Event Date: 29/04/2019
Post to 16/04/2019 | Event Date: 29/04/2019
The Women en Xarxa association organizes an event within the framework of the project ' Girls, ICT are Our ', which aims to promote technological vocations among...
Noies al YOMO
Post to 05/05/2017
El projecte europeu Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils també aborda la perspectiva de gènere, a l'hora de dissenyar un nou model d'escola i d'aprenentatge col·laboratiu.
Les adolescents perden l’interès en la tecnologia a causa dels prejudicis sexistes
Post to 08/03/2017
A video of the UOC and UPC, with the aim of becoming viral reminds us that only one in 10 students are female computer engineering. Several studies say that adolescence is when girls lose interest in STEM careers, because of prejudice, stereotypes and subliminal messages.
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