Technovation 2017 seeks mentors
Technovation 2017 seeks mentors. Font: Instagram of Technovation.

Technovation encourages women around the world to identify a problem in their community and create a mobile application solution to cope. Offers a training program so that groups of girls can develop their project. They learn to communicate their ideas and translate them into a business plan. They do it in groups of up to five girls and with the support of volunteer mentors. In Catalonia and Spain are searching mentors.

Mentors must be people who have knowledge of the business world or in the field of creating mobile applications and who want to share a little of their time with groups of girls. The availability should be between approximately 2-4 hours per week to accompany groups in person or virtually achieving the various weekly challenges.

The program will begin in January and will end with the presentation of projects on April 26. During 12 weeks they will be working on the project.

The Punt TIC managers can be mentors and involve participants in this exciting journey of technological entrepreneurship. Do you want to participate? You can register in the website of Technovation.