Anunci de l'acte 'Noies, les TIC són Nostres'
Dones en Xarxa organitza un esdeveniment en el marc del projecte 'Noies, les TIC són Nostres'.

The event will feature the participation of reference feminist and literary youtubers, such as Lula Gómez , creator of the series 'You are a poop', where you fight by means of humor, sexist comments rooted in society . Also participating will be Marta and Sara, the protagonists of the YouTube channel Devermut , which wants to give greater visibility to the LGTBI community .

To participate, you must register .

With the project Girls, ICT are ours! , Women in Network seeks to encourage girls to become interested in the ICT sector . It offers short videos with the opinions of women who work in the ICT field, showing that it is a sector with a future and where the look and contribution of women is needed.



Movistar Center
Carrer de Fontanella, 2