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WTIC, the search engine for ICT women
Post to 15/02/2021
WTIC is a project that was born in 2019 by the hand of Dones en Xarxa, with the collaboration of Sheleader and the support of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and...
Anunci de l'acte 'Noies, les TIC són Nostres'
| Event Date: 29/04/2019
Post to 16/04/2019 | Event Date: 29/04/2019
The Women en Xarxa association organizes an event within the framework of the project ' Girls, ICT are Our ', which aims to promote technological vocations among...
"Noies, les TIC són nostres"
Post to 23/04/2018
Dones en Xarxa launches a platform that gathers the voices of fifty women who defend the empowerment of women in the field of technology. It is called "Girls, ICT are ours...
Montserrat Boix, in a frame of the video "Dones i Internet"
Post to 19/07/2017
"Women and the Internet" is the title of the video that has been published by Dones en Xarxa and the space for information and analysis on the Catalan reality Catalunya Plural, within the framework of its common initiative "Equality in depth". It consists in the creation and dissemination of videos...
Post to 25/11/2016
More than 200 attendees, over 1,200 tweets, six hours of streaming, 21 speakers, over 90 published news ... #WomanLiderTIC the international conference, held on 17 November, closed its second edition with a high impact .
WomanLiderTIC 2016
Post to 23/11/2016
The International Conference of Women Leading ICT WomanLiderTIC 2016 have once again become a place where the visible role of women at the head of companies and projects in the field of technology. A meeting organized by...
Post to 24/10/2016
The second International Conference of Women Leading ICT (#WomanLiderTIC) comes to Barcelona to revolutionize the ICT sector from the empowerment of women. This year will feature both industry veterans and the new young talent that aims to combat the low presence of women in the technological...
Post to 17/02/2016
Montserrat Boix és periodista i presidenta de Mujeres en Red. Ha participat a la taula "Dones liderant projectes en xarxa.
XXII Còctels & Blocs amb Gala Pin
| Event Date: 22/10/2015
Post to 30/09/2015 | Event Date: 22/10/2015
La regidora de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona, Gala Pin, serà la convidada de la XXII edició del Còctels & Blocs, organitzat per Dones en Xarxa. L'objectiu de la trobada és explorar com utilitzar les xarxes per a projectes socials o...
Concurs de curtmetratges "Fem films fem pau"
Post to 20/09/2013
El concurs "Fem films fem pau" pretén animar dones de tot el món a crear petits vídeos mostrant la seva mirada sobre les conseqüències de les violències que pateixen les dones als conflictes armats i sobre el paper de les dones en la construcció de pau.
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