"Noies, les TIC són nostres"
"Noies, les TIC són nostres". Author: Noies, les TIC són nostres. License: All rights reserved.

With the project "Girls, ICT are ours!", Dones en Xarxa seeks to encourage girls to become interested in the ICT sector. It offers short videos with the opinions of women who work in the ICT field, showing that it is a sector with a future and where women's gaze and contribution are needed.

A special edition of the "Coctels & Net" meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 25, where the project will be announced. Lourdes Muñoz, President of Women in Network, will present the seminar, which will be attended by Mireia Mata , general director of Equality of the Generalitat of Catalonia; Judith Vives, journalist and consultant; Pilar Conesa, director of Anteverti; and Margarita Casalí, a mechanical engineering student at the UPC.

To attend it, you must register beforehand.