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#WomanLiderTIC 2016 will take place on November 17

Posted on 24/10/2016
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#WomanLiderTIC. 2016. Source: Dones en Xarxa

The second International Conference of Women Leading ICT (#WomanLiderTIC) comes to Barcelona to revolutionize the ICT sector from the empowerment of women. This year will feature both industry veterans and the new young talent that aims to combat the low presence of women in the technological sector.

#WomanLiderTIC will take place on Thursday 17 November, starting at 9:00 am in the Mobile World Centre (Plaça Catalunya, Portal de l'Angel - Barcelona). This is an event organized by Dones en Xarxa, with the support of various sponsors and partners.

The program of the conference will revolve around five tables, which are:

  • Table 1: If I can, you can. The talent of women must be in the Internet revolution
  • Table 2: The look of women in ICT trends. Social challenges of the digital economy of the new trends: IO / Big Data / Cloud Computing / Collaborative Economics
  • Table 3: Women leading ICT start-ups. How to undertake technology projects. Opportunities and challenges in the ICT field
  • Table 4: Women leading smart cities and open government. Innovation, participation and governance. New forms of relationship
  • Table 5: Women communicating on the network. Women being models in the network communication or in social networks

A new feature in this second edition will see young women who have been awarded or relevant in ICT projects or technology, to showcase their projects.

The registration is now open. In the registration form you must indicate in which tables you are interested in participating.

Accenture Mentoring Lunch

As part of the conference #WomanLiderTIC created a space to promote and support women's entrepreneurship: Accenture Mentoring Lunch. It is a special lunch to be held on November 17, so that women who have initiated start-up projects have the opportunity to be advised by large companies in the ICT sector.

Women who are interested in participating must register via this form and explain their project. They have until November 7 to do so. A jury will select 15 projects that will receive special support from #WomanLiderTIC.

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