Montserrat Boix, in a frame of the video "Dones i Internet"
Montserrat Boix, in a frame of the video "Dones i Internet". Author: Canal de Youtube de Dones en Xarxa. 2017.

What changes did the Internet bring about in the advancement of women's equality? Is the network an ideal space for the relationship and empowerment of these? Is there a digital gender gap? The video "Women and the Internet" aims to answer these questions, based on interviews with experts in the field: Lourdes Muñoz, IT engineer and president of Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data, Lidia Arroyo, sociologist and researcher of Gender and ICT ( UOC); and to journalist Montse Boix. The video addresses issues such as cyberfeminism, free knowledge or the second digital divide.

This work is part of the campaign "Equality in depth" launched last April by Dones en Xarxa and Catalunya Plural. It consists in the creation and dissemination of videos that deal with thematic depths related to gender equality. They explain that the project "aims to give visibility to women from different sectors and experiences that from the feminist perspective and the gender perspective critically analyze society".