Imatge de dones treballant
Imatge de dones treballant. Author: Wikimedia Commons. 2018. License: BY.

Women only occupy 30% of jobs in the ICT sector , according to a report from the Catalan Women's Institute.

To showcase women's participation in the technological field, Pompeu and Fabra University sets in motion a new edition of Women in Technology Day. The event will feature activities, talks and educational projects to break stereotypes and fight against gender inequalities in ICT.

The final of the Technovation Challenge Catalunya , an annual international program that invites children and adolescents between 10-18 years of age to develop skills and solve problems through technology, will open the day. The participants defend their projects before a jury of 50 women from the social, business and educational world.

The day will continue with activities and projects of empowerment of women in ICTs, such as the Wikipedian: Viquidones Wikimujeres , to edit Wikipedia with a gender perspective; the edcamp workshop on Gender, Technology and Education , to introduce the gender perspective and coeducation in schools or the Hackfest divAI , debates sessions to define the diversity index related to gender, geographical, academic, etc. in relation to Artificial Intelligence.

The Women in Technology Day will end the awards ceremony of the third edition of Wisibilízalas , a competition aimed at colleges / institutes in Spain and Latin America to promote female references in the field of science and technology.