Dones treballant en equip
Dones treballant en equip. Author: Pixabay. 2017. License: BY.

Under the title "The next digital revolution: ICT women" will emphasize the factors that are behind the decision of young girls and women to choose other careers before technology by analyzing the possible causes and consequences of have few women in the digital and technological work environment.

The start of the event will be held with the presentation of Barcelona Digital Talent , a public-private alliance that works to turn Barcelona into a digital talent hub and will give the most relevant data about the existing young talent and what they need to incorporate companies; particularly that of women .

The program will provide tools on what we can do from the academic field, associations, companies and administrations to promote technological talent from schools and training centers so that girls can know the technological careers and can start their way labor areas still dominated by men.

The day will be attended by women directors of companies in the ICT sector that will explain how it has been their professional career until reaching their current position.

At the end of the event there will be time for the debate and to draw conclusions that help us identify the key points that must be applied to introduce women in the technology sector .

The speakers in the debate table, will be:

Moderator: Mariola Dinarès , director and presenter of the Pop Radio program of Catalunya Ràdio

Joana Barbany , General Director of Digital Society of the Generalitat

Milagros Sáinz , Principal Investigator of the Gender and ICT Research Group

UOC Young IT Girls (rapporteur pending confirmation)

Mar Porras , Marketing Manager from Ricoh Spain