Imatge per il·lustrar la notícia
Post to 22/05/2019
The ALL DIGITAL network is looking for a new CEO to strengthen the position of the organization as the leading European agent in the field of digital competencies for inclusion, employability and citizenship.
Photo during the assembly
Post to 18/05/2018
It has been approved in the general assembly held in Brussels on May 8 and 9 and has brought together members of the network throughout Europe. It has also been announced that the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2018 will take place in Brussels on October 18 and 19. Barcelona welcomed the...
Telecentre Europe becomes ALL DIGITAL
Post to 23/05/2017
After 10 years of experience, the European network of telecentres is renewed and renamed, but still working for digital inclusion for all Europeans.
Imatge de la trobada YeP a Barcelona
Post to 07/12/2016
Eight young people are the representatives of the project YEP (Youth Perspectives of e-Migration) in Catalonia. They recently organized an event in Barcelona to disseminate their ideas and experiences and at the same time, experts and interesting debate with regard to the refugee crisis.
Fotografia dels participants
Post to 25/07/2016
Eight youth and two teachers form the Catalan team project yep just be in Croatia, with participants from other countries, with the aim of realizing a training classroom that focuses on how you can analyze YOUTH reality critically and express their point of...
Youth e-Perspectives
Post to 24/05/2016
The point of the ICT Omnia Teb is seeking young people between 16 and 29 who wish to participate in a European project on critical journalism around the refugee crisis, e-Youth perspectives on migration. The project is developed in collaboration with...
Concurs de Bloguers de la Comissió Europea
Post to 20/05/2016
The European Commission announces a contest for bloggers to promote and publicize projects funded by the EU. Up to forty posts will be translated and returned to publish and promote and third best will be invited to attend the...
European Youth Award
Post to 11/05/2016
The European Youth Award is a European competition for young entrepreneurs and startups who are creating digital projects to improve society and the environment. Fall within the call ideas related websites, applications or Internet of Things.
Web simposi internacional
Post to 26/08/2015
Aquest Simposi Internacional té com a objectiu examinar les pràctiques actuals d'emprenedoria a tot Europa: intercanviar les millors pràctiques a nivell local, nacional i internacional i garantir que les mesures actuals són alhora incloents i extrapolables a nivell supranacional. 
Projecció sobre el projecte Erasmus a la I Jornada Europea de la Joventut de la Garrotxa
Post to 14/05/2015
En el marc de la Setmana Europea de la Joventut, el Consell Comarcal de la Garrotxa, al qual pertany el Punt TIC Telejet, ha organitzat una jornada on els i les joves han pogut parlar del programa...
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