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Bloggers Contest: Europe in My Region 2016

Posted on 20/05/2016
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Concurs de Bloguers de la Comissió Europea
Concurs de Bloguers de la Comissió Europea. 2016. Source: Bloggers. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The European Commission announces a contest for bloggers to promote and publicize projects funded by the EU. Up to forty posts will be translated and returned to publish and promote and third best will be invited to attend the European Week of Regions and Cities next October as journalists.

Time to submit your articles until June 30 or until it has been checked and approved Article No. 40 (whichever comes first).

To participate in the contest must follow the following steps:

What's the next step?

Once published and received e European Commission will check that the article complies with the requirements and guidelines (which can be found below) and if your article will be accepted:

  •     Translated into English
  •     Released again in a multiuser blog specialized BlogActiv.eu, a popular blogging platform on specific EU policy,
  •     Promoted by the European Commission (if it meets their editorial guidelines) Blogactiv.

Then an independent jury will select the best three articles. We keep abreast of each step the participants.

And if you win?

If the jury chooses your article, you Porat plane in Brussels in October to cover the European Week of Regions and Cities. The prize includes airfare and hotel expenses and will offer the same treatment that other journalists by media program for the Week. All you publish a result of its participation in the European Week of Regions and Cities will also be translated and republished (a maximum of three items for each participant).

Do not have a blog but want to apply for this award?

No problem: what is sought is an interesting article about a European project, provided that it is published. Today may be a note on Facebook, LinkedIn or an entry in an article on the platform of a newspaper, or even a combination of excellent picture and caption on Instagram.

As long as:   

  • Be Public!
  • And is significantly longer than a status update;)

I also participated in the photo contest?

Good idea. If you participate in the photo contest on the same project:

Make sure your (s) best (s) picture (s) are in the article, use the application of our Facebook page to participate in the photo contest and send the email as s 'sets up, indicating in the text of the mail will also participate in the photo contest.

Guidelines: what is allowed and what is not?

Apart from the fact that your article should be on a project funded by the EU, has full editorial independence; If you, for example, that it is covering project is a good investment, ahead, say it.

However, you can not preach hatred, racism or violence, using obscenities, ethnic slurs or insults, slander or defame anyone.

What criteria used by the jury?

Wanted insightful and interesting articles on EU-funded projects, which the jury will score each item:

  •     Perspective: What does the article on this project? ¿Reveals interesting elements and raises interesting questions? It is original?
  •     Quality: It is well structured and written? Has good visuals or providing links to further reading?
  •     And community engagement: ¿stimulates conversation?
  •     The style and voice your posts are not like traditional items: Does the article has an interesting character? Is provocative or funny, emotional or thoughtful?

Who is the jury?

Bloguess journalists and experts who do not work in the EU Commission.

If you have further questions about the contest can consult its website.

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