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YEP (Youth Perspectives of e-Migration) is Croatia

Posted on 25/07/2016
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Fotografia dels participants
Fotografia dels participants, for Danjiel. 2016. Source: Telecenter. Licence: BY-NC-SA

Eight youth and two teachers form the Catalan team project yep just be in Croatia, with participants from other countries, with the aim of realizing a training classroom that focuses on how you can analyze YOUTH reality critically and express their point of view.

Through this program, young people are learning about digital photography, storytelling and use of platforms and social networks. The ultimate goal is to acquire new skills, digital generating capacity to communicate the facts before social impact, promote critical thinking and be able to generate a anal·lisi objective and ethical communication and awareness-raising.

This classroom training, which has had as central theme the refugee crisis in Europe will continue on-line during the next semester and is part of a project funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union. The meeting in the city of Zagreb has been the starting point of the project is also being developed locally.

In Zagreb, the meeting between young people from Belgium, Croatia and Catalonia (of various nationalities, actually) has offered the opportunity to interview various experts involved in the management of the crisis of refugees and people who have lived the problem firsthand. Thus, heads of NGOs, volunteers, persons seeking asylum and refugees, participated in the project, which aims to empower young people so that they use different ways of communicating in order understand the conflicts and express their own visions and claims. The project blog (still in development) will be a channel of communication that will serve these young people to continue the path already started.


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