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The YEP project progresses and reaches new milestones

Posted on 07/12/2016
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Imatge de la trobada YeP a Barcelona
Imatge de la trobada YeP a Barcelona, for El Teb. 2016. Source: Imatge de la trobada YeP. Licence: BY-SA

Eight young people are the representatives of the project YEP (Youth Perspectives of e-Migration) in Catalonia. They recently organized an event in Barcelona to disseminate their ideas and experiences and at the same time, experts and interesting debate with regard to the refugee crisis.

Taking a role as active young people, with their own resources and the support of two educators have organized a whole evening filled with content related to migration, shelter the refugee situation in Europe and the role that young people can play in this situation.

To begin with, was screened the documentary " To Kyma: rescue in the Aegean Sea ", thanks to the generosity of David Fonseca, director of the documentary and the production Kaseta The Ideas Factory. Young contacted him, we ask for permission and get himself David Fonseca attended the event.

Then took place a round table, which involved several young people, who have had the opportunity to present their perspective on the refugee crisis in Europe. Representatives of the Youth Council of Barcelona and the organization Stop Mother Mortum were present and shared debate and reflection. You should also project a video that summarized the interview via Skype- -realitzada that young people make to Nour, a young Syrian who is currently in Greece.

The closure has been in charge of Mago Clynes , the Chilean illustrator and musician who lives in Barcelona and who improvised a few songs HipHop in relation to the issue of refugees.

In parallel, the project partners in Belgium also organized an event. The project blog you can follow the activities and proposals being developed in different European countries.

Through this program, promoted by Telecentre Europe , the young participants will receive training in digital photography, storytelling and use of platforms and social networks. The objective is to acquire new skills, digital generating capacity to communicate the facts before social impact, promote critical thinking and be able to generate an objective analysis and communication ethics and awareness-raising. YEP is funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Programme + and with the participation of Maks vzw (Brussels), Telecentre (Zagreb) El Teb (Barcelona), with the coordination of Telecentre Europe (Brussels) .

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