Updating the operating system on the Omnia Colectic
Updating the operating system on the Omnia Colectic. Author: Oficina Tècnica i de Dinamització. 2021. License: BY-SA.

This initiative responds to the commitment and commitment of the Secretariat of Digital Policies for free software and for the fight against the digital divide, and aims to keep the equipment of the ICT Points updated and safe against possible security and obsolescence dangers.

As of 2018, the Generalitat renewed the hardware of a good part of the ICT Points. Both the Digital Policies Secretariat and the General Directorate of Civic and Community Action, in the case of the Òmnia Points, acquired new computers to transfer them to Punto TIC and give a new boost to the Network. Thus, a total of 268 centers updated their equipment

Ubuntu operating system, program and tools.

The computers will have an Ubuntu operating system, in its latest long-term maintenance version LTS (20.4), and with an update of the programs and tools that it has installed. In this way, improvements such as:

  • Gnome desktop environment, more current and optimized, and visually more modern and attractive.
  • Users "frozen", to guarantee the protection of the data of the participants and avoid security problems.
  • New management, education and office software adapted to the most up-to-date versions.
  • More secure and robust optimized remote support.

The new version of this software has been put to the test during a pilot experience carried out at different TIC Points, contrasting its use and functionalities in real operating environments. In its design, the demands, needs and contributions that the facilitators have transferred to us during this test have also been taken into account.

The Technical and Dinamització Office of the Xarxa Punt TIC offers accompaniment, training and support to all the facilitators and in their entities. Over the next few days the maintenance company will contact the points involved to specify the day and time to proceed with the installation.

Whether the TIC Point has renewed equipment or not, within the Training Campus of the TIC Point Network you will find at your disposal the Welcome Course, aimed at all people who join as facilitators or who want to know the operation and advantages of be part of the Network.

Participation in the Punt TIC Network

To access the equipment, granted by the Generalitat, the managing entities of the ICT Points have had to prove their initiative and involvement in digital projects, their willingness to serve the public, the existence of dynamic personnel, the social impact of their activity and interaction with other actors in the environment. The transfer of hardware takes into account the degree of involvement and participation in the Punt TIC Network, the use of the resources it offers and the commitment to its values, such as the promotion of the use of free software, the promotion of digital social innovation and the promotion of STEM vocations.

The Technical and Dynamization Office monitors the activity of the network to meet the needs of its members, offer their support and identify new opportunities for the future.