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Which free software do you think is the best?

Posted on 05/10/2016
icona de so
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People using tablets and cell phones
People using tablets and cell phones. Source: Image from PortalProgramas

PortaProgramas Awards is searching the best free software. Until October 24 everibody can vote for their favorites.

The event this year celebrates its eighth edition. During the month of September there has been the possibility to nominate programs and blogs related to free software and now is the turn to decide which ones will be awarded. Anyone who wants to can vote for their favorites until 24 October. The aim is to reward programs and blogs that have contributed to the technological advancement this year.

With this process will be selected the five finalists in each category and then will open the voting phase of the jury. The result of the sum of the votes of the jury along with user votes will indicate which projects are the winners. They will be announced on 21 November.

Each user can vote just once for each category of the awards. To do it, it is not necessary to register on the website of PortalProgramas.

The channel for downloading software PortalProgramas organizes the awards. They explain that "in many cases people do not know the programs and free technologies that enable advances in technology that we have today." With the awards they aim the society to be aware of the importance of free software and they note that "behind every project there is a group of people who devote time, knowledge and resources to the development of useful software, quality and safe."

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