"Cracking the Code", a study by UNESCO
UNESCO published in 2017 a report on STEM girls and vocations. Author: UNESCO. License: All rights reserved.

The girls and women are very little represented in the professions of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) around the world. UNESCO points out that this is a rooted division in the first days of socialization and schooling. In August 2017, he presented the report "Cracking the code: Girls' and women's education in STEM", which addresses the gender gap in STEM .

Multiple and superimposed factors integrated into socialization and learning processes are the cause of this gap, such as social, cultural and gender norms. As a result of these, the girls get to believe that the boys are more capable for the STEM disciplines , although the investigation on biological factors denies this theory. Most girls lose interest in STEM disciplines when they reach adolescence and do not choose studies related to them.

At this point, the UNESCO report focuses on the role of education systems and schools in promoting the interest of girls in STEM and offering equal opportunities to access and benefit from a quality scientific and technological education.