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Participate through videoconference on the debates of the Ateu Barcelonès!

Posted on 06/02/2017
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Digital transformation
Digital transformation, for Blog del Ricard Faura

The debates "Dialogue, Science, Technology and Knowledge" of the Athenaeum of Barcelona can still streaming, and will now also be able to participate via videoconference. To do this, look Punt TIC or other entities that collect people to follow debatas live, and also participate actively. We urge there?

Genís Roca, specialist in digital strategy, will be the speaker in the first meeting of the "Dialogues, Science, Technology and Knowledge". The debate revolves around "Key factors for the digital transformation of an institution" and will take place on Thursday 9 February at the Ateneu Barcelonès (C/ Canuda 6 Barcelona).

People who can not attend can follow the streaming via this link. There will also be the opportunity to participate via videoconference, and thus participate in the debate.

The latter option is being implemented now and they make a special appeal to Punt TIC to join them. There will be a number of organizations and institutions that will be associated with this project and where they can participate via videoconference. Tehy consider that Punt TIC are suitable for this.

You could gather a group of participants in the Punt TIC, follow the debate in streaming and have your say by making a direct connection. Do you find it interesting? If so, please contact the Technical Office of the Punt TIC Network: oficina.tecnica [at] punttic.cat - 902 365 209.