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Digital transformation
Post to 06/02/2017
The debates "Dialogue, Science, Technology and Knowledge" of the Athenaeum of Barcelona can still streaming, and will now also be able to participate via videoconference. To do this, look Punt TIC or other entities that collect people to follow debatas live, and also participate actively. We urge...
Genís Roca
| Event Date: 09/02/2017
Post to 06/02/2017 | Event Date: 09/02/2017
Genis Roca, specialist in digital strategy, will give a lecture entitled "Key factors for the digital transformation of an institution" on Thursday 9 February at 7 p.m. at the Ateneu Barcelonès. You can follow via streaming, and you also also participate via videoconference.
Salutacions per al Congrés de Gestors/ores de Telecentres
Post to 02/07/2012
En el marc de la iniciativa Temps de pel seu desè aniversari, la Xarxa Punt TIC ha estat seu virtual del...
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