All Digital Awards 2019
All Digital Awards 2019. Author: ALL DIGITAL. 2019. License: All rights reserved.

People and organizations work daily to support entrepreneurship and employability in a digital environment and a constantly changing labor market with the objective of guaranteeing digital inclusion and allowing digital social innovation.

To recognize this task, once again, ALL DIGITAL has convened the 2019 edition of the awards to recognize and celebrate its innovation, dedication and the inspiring role that many people make in this field.

The awards have four categories :

You can check the complete description, evaluation criteria and application forms at the corresponding link in each category. We inform you that both the information and the forms are in English and nominations must also be done in this language.

Only the member entities of ALL DIGITAL can submit nominations to the project categories of cooperation and digital resource. In the other two categories (digital dynamizer and digital "changemaker") any person or organization may nominate. Applications may be submitted until July 31, 2019 . From 1 to 31 August, the jury will evaluate the candidatures based on a set of criteria and choose the three finalists of each category . There will be a public vote online to choose the best driver and, on the other hand, the winners of the other three categories will be selected by the jury.

The finalists of each category will be invited to attend the 12th annual ALL DIGITAL Summit 2019 , which will take place in Bologna , Italy, on October 10 and 11 . The role of digital competence centers in STEAM's abilities will be analyzed and how they can work together with education and training institutions, teachers, public authorities, companies, policy makers, social inclusion actors, cultural organizations, other organizations of civil society and the apprentices themselves, to establish bridges between all these sectors.

All finalists will receive prizes and will have the opportunity to present their initiatives to a hearing of 150 people from organizations from all over Europe.

If you wish to submit applications , you can contact the Technical Office .