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European Commission launches Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

Posted on 29/12/2016
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Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition
Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Source: European Commission

It brings together multiple actors, with the aim of dealing with the lack of digital skills in Europe. Attempts to involve them in the development of a digital talent pool and ensure that the people and the workforce in Europe are equipped with appropriate digital skills.

The precursor of this coalition was the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, which was developed between 2013 and 2016. Based on the positive results of this strategy and the Electronic powers of the European Union, and in coordination with the work in the Education and Training 2020 now comes this new proposal, the Digital skills and jobs Coalition.

The European Commission is bring together Member States and stakeholders, including social partners, to identify and share best practices so they can be easily reproduced and enlarged. It will improve the dissemination of information on available funds of the EU (European structural and investment funds, youth employment initiative, Erasmus + etc.) and explore potential funding opportunities. The Commission will monitor progress annually.

Member States are invited to develop national strategies for integrated digital skills for mid-2017 based on the targets set until 2016.

All organizations, groups or government entities that take steps to promote digital skills in Europe can become members of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and adhere to its objectives and principles.

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