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All Digital Week 2021
Post to 22/03/2021
From the 22nd to the 31st of March, All Digital Week 2021 returns for one more year to give people tools and approaches to develop and improve digital skills. It is organized by the European...
Fundesplai digital training trainings
| Event Date: 08/03/2021 to 28/03/2021
Post to 15/03/2021 | Event Date: 08/03/2021 to 28/03/2021
The Esplai Foundation launches five free online courses aimed at...
Image of the ACTIC card
Post to 05/03/2021
The Government of Catalonia has approved a new Decree on March 2, 2021, which regulates the accreditation of competences in information and communication technologies...
First edition of the 'Digital Welcome' course by Colectic SCCL
Post to 22/02/2021
The Robotics report from the Ferrer Guardia Foundation is a study on digital dynamization centers in Spain and their role in addressing the digital gaps in our society to value these...
| Event Date: 08/02/2021 to 28/05/2021
Post to 02/02/2021 | Event Date: 08/02/2021 to 28/05/2021
The Alta Ribagorça Telecentre starts new ACTIC accreditation online training in digital skills.
Conferència final del projecte europeu Open-AE de programari lliure
Post to 19/10/2020
El dimarts 20 d'octubre el projecte europeu de programari lliure Open AE presenta els seus resultats. A la jornada participa en Francesc Rambla, consultor a la Generalitat de Catalunya. Les...
Post to 01/10/2020
El Punt TIC de l'Alta Ribagorça implementa l'acreditació ACTIC, un programa semestral de la Generalitat de Catalunya de formació en...
Webinars formatius al Punt TIC Palau
Post to 08/06/2020
Darrerament, el Punt TIC Palau ha realitzat diferents webinars sobre metodologies i eines TIC. Estan disponibles al seu canal de Youtube. El 9/06 fan un sobre l'ús creatiu de la tecnologia a la infància i el...
Presentació del Mapa de competències digitals al I Congrés de Competències Digitals
Post to 17/02/2020
On December 4, the 1st Digital Skills Congress was held at the Cibernarium where the Digital Skills Map was presented. We tell you the...
Logo de l'ACTIC
Post to 07/01/2020
The Telecentre of the Regional Council of the Ribera d'Ebre creates the training course for the preparation of the ACTIC mid level digital skills...
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