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El Teb and Telecentre Europe together in a project to raise awareness of refugees

Posted on 14/04/2016
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Youth e-Perspectives
Youth e-Perspectives. Source: Telecentre Europe. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The point TIC-Omnia El Teb , in the Raval district, and Telecentre Europe are developing since last February the project "Youth e-Perspectives on Immigration". Two members of the organization are also participating: Maks, in Belgium, and Telecentre, in Croatia.

The project's goal is to teach young people how to use digital media to address important social problems. The idea is focusin on the refugee crisis that is being debated in several European countries.

Young people will participate in international training on creating and editing photos, elaboration of digital stories, creating websites and blogs and use social media. Participants will visit the refugees in order to know them and make use digital tools to give voice to their stories.

The project partners have developed training methodology and have organized a series of training workshops. In addition, they have generated guides to share how to apply this methodology.

The project is inspired by Humans of New York and other similar initiatives where digital photographers use language to tell compelling stories and put a human face social issues such as migration, unemployment and relationships.