Invigorate a telecentre or Punt TIC? Work by training the group of seniors? Punt TIC began a collaboration with Canal Senior (a knowledge network specifically geared to the elderly group) that t'ampliarà possibilities and resources to work with these participants.

Canal Senior i Punt TIC: una plataforma de formació a la Gent Gran
Canal Senior i Punt TIC: una plataforma de formació a la Gent Gran.

The new platform Canal Senior Punt TIC enables you to do training on the use of mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) and on any other subject (whether or not related to ICT). It is a service that allows you to share slides, content -of computer screens, mobile phones or tauleta-, voice, text, video, etc. and is also very suitable to interact with the participants. Really useful for classroom training and for the virtual; and helps in the process group and the individual.

In addition, sessions and materials are recorded in order to reuse them later. Senior Channel offers a repository of training including technological issues as the use of smartphones and tablets and their applications, of which we have seen an increase in demand.

If you are a dynamic Punt TIC Network and accredits you as such, can be part of community ICT training to Canal Point Senior. You sign the pilot? Fill out and submit this form: