X Jornada Punt TIC i presó: Activant espais d'aprenentatge i creació
Post to 24/05/2019
As we announced, on June 4 we celebrate the X Jornada Punt TIC i Presó: LABoratoris: activating learning and creation spaces , which this year puts emphasis on the methodological...
Carta Drets Digitals
Post to 24/05/2019
The Generalitat of Catalonia, through the Directorate General of Digital Society, has initiated a collaborative process to reach a consensus on a Charter of Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens and Citizens of Catalonia in the Digital Era .
The Community Action commission builds an eduRecreativa machine: Snap! Arcadian
Post to 08/05/2019
Rita Barrachina and Chris Fanning are two of the members of the technology commission of the Entities Coordinator for Lleialtat Santsenca, a community management team for community, cooperative and cultural uses.
Post to 29/04/2019
CoboiLAB was born in 2013 as a social entrepreneurship laboratory. Starting in 2017, he began a process of transformation that has led him to become a public innovation innovation laboratory, located in Sant Boi de Llobregat .
Helena Rifà, experta en ciberseguretat
Post to 16/07/2018
Què és la ciberseguretat? De què ens hem de protegir i, sobretot, què hem de protegir? Les empreses tenen els i les professionals necessari per protegir les seves dades?
Citizen participation training
Post to 14/05/2018
Several facilitators have participated in a course about digital rights and participation in the last few weeks, following security and privacy guidelines. This is a training organized by the City Council of Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with the
Post to 01/02/2018
Més de 150 participants, 26 països i 92 organitzacions van trobar-se a Barcelona l'octubre de 2017 en la trobada anual All Digital Summit.
Jesús Guillén
Post to 11/07/2017
Jesús Guillén has a degree in Physics and is currently professor at Neurolearning graduate of the University of Barcelona and editor of the blog ...
Escola Virolai
Post to 01/06/2017
The Virolai School is one of two Catalan schools participating in the European project Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils who wants to rethink the educational model through more participatory and dynamic that incorporat
Testeig Campus Innovació
Post to 24/05/2017
The next 6th, 7th and 8th June will be the field of innovation, a meeting to discuss setting processes joint quadruple helix and entrepreneur
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