X Jornada Punt TIC i presó: Activant espais d'aprenentatge i creació
X Jornada Punt TIC i presó: Activant espais d'aprenentatge i creació. Author: Oficina Tècnica de la Xarxa Punt TIC. 2019. License: BY-SA.

Once again, the CoP ICT and Prison of the Compartim Program of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Punt TIC Network of the Secretariat of Telecommunications, CyberSecurity and Digital Society, organized Thursday, June 4th, the X Point ICT Day and Prison: LABoratoris : activating spaces for learning and creation . It will be held from 9.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Training (Calle Ausiás Marc 40, Barcelona).

The conference will begin with the institutional welcome and with the conference "En modo Laboratorio: oportunidades para la acción educativa" a cargo de la Sra. Susanna Tesconi , designer of learning environments and researcher at the UOC.

Next, the attendees will be able to participate in two rounds of five simultaneous workshops:

1. Im-Possible City . In charge of Luis Miguel Castillo, member of Colectic and trainer in ICT

2. Classroom programming with C0D1NC. In charge of Martina Mayrhofer and Pep Oliveras, responsible for the project.

3. Challenge resolution lab through 3D design and printing . Led by Lídia Santiago, a dinamizadora of Punt TIC Òmnia de Torrelles.

4. Virtual reality as a tool to solve challenges, 3D Audio and Immersive Experiences . At the expense of Jesús Arbués, expert on the subject.

5. RadioLAB , educational community radio program. In charge of Núria Ishii, a dinamizadora of Punt TIC Òmnia Raval-Colectic.

We invite you to check the program and sign up for it !