Lliurament de premis dels ALL DIGITAL Awards
Lliurament de premis dels ALL DIGITAL Awards. Author: Oficina Tècnica de la Xarxa Punt TIC. 2017. License: BY-SA.

The event took place at Doble 36 Paraguay Creativa Space, in Poble Nou, Barcelona, ​​where dinner was held with the participants of the European meeting and the 10-year party of the ALL DIGITAL network.

Previously, the three finalists from the four categories were known and the winners and winners were unveiled at the event.

The winner in the best digital resource category was Yep4Europe Methodology created by the Yep4Europe Consortium, which includes Maks vzw of Belgium, El Teb of Catalunya and Telecentro of Croacia. The methodology is aimed at facilitators from all over Europe, to teach young people digital skills and media literacy, to be able to use digital technologies to address the social problems that surround them.

The best cooperative project was Generation 0101, which was implemented by seven partners, with CTC Rijeka as the leading organization. The main results of the project are:
  • Guidelines for policy makers in the context of youth unemployment.
  • Development and testing of seven educational modules in the ICT field.
  • Seven international hackathons in partner countries, where participants took advantage of the knowledge through the creation of ICT solutions for social organizations.

The best digital dynamizer is Dolores Carmona, facilitator of the Extremadura Digital Literacy Program - AUPEX, Torremejía / Badajoz, Spain. In its 15 years of service, Dolores has made more than 1,000 workshops for some 10,000 people. Promotes digital culture trying to build a cooperative environment and a deep sense of the community where people feel comfortable and confident.

The first digital changemaker 2017 is Veronique De Leener, director of Maks vzw, Belgium. Veronique founded Maks in the poorest neighborhood in Brussels to help people through projects of social economy and digital skills. Every year Maks reaches 2,500 disadvantaged people; 500 of them are guided to employment. Veronique brought the digital narration method to the core of the training as a way of giving voice to people on important social issues.