3D printing

Poster of the initiation training in design and 3D printing of the TIC Alta Ribagorça Point
Post to 11/02/2021
The PuntTIC of Alta Ribagorça launches a course to get started in 3D design, printing and animation. The course will be online. There will be 5 videoconference sessions of approximately 1.5 hours, the first next Tuesday, February 16, at 7:30 p.m....
Webinars formatius al Punt TIC Palau
Post to 08/06/2020
Darrerament, el Punt TIC Palau ha realitzat diferents webinars sobre metodologies i eines TIC. Estan disponibles al seu canal de Youtube. El 9/06 fan un sobre l'ús creatiu de la tecnologia a la infància i el...
Webinars de maig al Punt TIC Palau
Post to 14/05/2020
Al Punt TIC Palau engeguen noves webinars sobre realitat virtual i impressió 3D aquest mes de maig. 
How to make a 3D print?
Post to 30/04/2020
Following the actions makers across the territory that are contributing to the manufacture of medical equipment to fight the Covid-19, we have made this video-tutorial to learn how to use a 3D print.
Com està contribuint la comunitat maker davant la crisi de la COVID-19?
Post to 06/04/2020
Has sentit parlar del moviment maker i de com està ajudant amb la crisi de la pandèmia del coronavirus? Ho expliquem a aquest vídeo.
| Event Date: 14/11/2019
Post to 31/10/2019 | Event Date: 14/11/2019
Girona Starts with the collaboration of Codelearn , organizes a workshop aimed primarily at girls , to learn the basic operation...
Impressora 3D
Post to 07/05/2018
This online training is aimed at the ICT facilitators of the Punt TIC Network and will start on May 21. It offers an introduction to techniques of digital manufacturing, coding, robotics and the Internet of things, with a look at...
Fablab Ephémère
Post to 27/07/2017
Fablab Ephémère will take place on August 22 at Ax-les-Thermes, Occitania. It will provide digital manufacturing to students and parents. The two French schools that are part of the European project Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils will participate, offering educational resources and...
3D printing workshop in Sant Feliu de Llobregat
| Event Date: 14/07/2017 to 17/07/2017
Post to 05/07/2017 | Event Date: 14/07/2017 to 17/07/2017
As part of the training program of July, the Punt TIC Palau Falguera de Sant Feliu de Llobregat organizes two workshops of 3D printing.
Summer workshops in Òmnia PES La Mina
Post to 16/06/2017
From 26 June to 21 July, the Òmnia PES La Mina, Sant Adrià del Besos, launches its summer program. It includes an "Open Space" from Monday to Thursday from 11:00 to 12:00 hours and workshops.
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