Aquest estiu, els adolescents del Casal d'estiu del Pont de Suert amb l'ajuda del Punt TIC de l'Alta Ribagorça van crear les seves pròpies monedes màgiques amb 3D. Un projecte per a viatjar allà on vulguin! Vols saber com?

Printing 3D coins at the Alta Ribargorça TIC Point
Printing 3D coins at the Alta Ribargorça TIC Point. License: BY-SA.

This summer, the boys and girls of the Pont de Suert Summer Camp used magic coins that allowed them, every week, to travel wherever they wanted. Set to imagine, and as a collaboration between the ICT Point of Alta Ribagorça and the Casal, they began to imagine together how they could create their own coins.

And so it was. About thirty boys and girls who participated in the summer camp went to the TIC Point to design their own magic coins, resulting in a coin printed with the 3D printer they have at the TIC Point. This currency will allow them to continue imagining and traveling wherever they choose.