Fabriko 3D is a project born in the lands of the Ebro to bring 3D technology closer to users through the download of finished products encouraging responsible consumption.

Fabriko 3D door stop
Fabriko 3D door stop. Font: Factory 3D. License: BY-SA.

The Santa Bárbara SmartCentre supports entrepreneurial projects in the territory, betting on promoting young talents. One of these projects is Fabriko 3D , which was born in order to bring 3D technology closer to people, through the download of finished products. Its website presents products by family or theme, which a user can easily select and download.

All products are characterized by being practical, innovative pieces, with sustainable and visually attractive designs . They can be free or paid (between €0.5 and €2.9). The parts have been granted to be manufactured in domestic 3D printers, thus facilitating unitary manufacturing and contributing to sustainable development. Fabriko 3D aims to enable users of 3D printers to enjoy printing functional products and to accompany them in developing their ideas.