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A new edition of the "New Digital Artisans" course will begin on May 21. Author: Colectic. License: BY-NC-SA.

With the training "New Digital Artisans" we will learn the basic notions to promote the learning of new technologies related to the maker culture, with the idea of ​​developing talent, professional orientation towards market opportunities, but also with the development and treatment of multiple intelligences.

Course content:

  • Global context - Digital creation. Do It Yourself strategy.
  • Programming Scratch - history and philosophy. Knowing the environment. Basic programming structures.
  • Initiation to robotics - Sensors, actuators and resolution of challenges.
  • Digital manufacturing - Introduction to 3D printing and other digital manufacturing techniques.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - Exploration and generation of new contents.
  • The passage to the Internet of Things - Internet all around us. Collect data and Big data.

Pep Oliveras, educator, facilitator, trainer and consultant in the use of ICT, will be the trainer of the course.

On the one hand, coding and educational robotics allow you to develop a whole series of skills and abilities in a fun and rewarding way. These are both cognitive, like motors or a more social and relational nature. In addition, educational robotics also offers a great complement in the learning of disciplines that are part of the academic curricula. It is a good way to put into practice and experiment with ideas and concepts that have been dealt with at a theoretical level in order to be assimilated more easily and effectively.

On the other hand, the need for the job market of qualified professional profiles in the professional branches related to the technologies and, especially the programming and the robotics, offers us the possibility to introduce our participants in these thematic ones.

The course, intended for all the digital facilitators, will be carried out online through the training platform of the Punt TIC Network. It will begin on Monday, May 21 and will last four weeks, ending on Friday, June 15. There are 20 available places, which will be assigned by order of registration. It will require a dedication of about 30 hours. The registration can be made until May 18.