Logo del Programa ACTIC
Logo del Programa ACTIC.

The ACTIC program, are a set of syllabuses, questionnaires and activities that help assimilate the digital competences defined by the accreditation model promoted by the Government of Catalonia , with the possibility of choosing to obtain the basic and intermediate levels . ACTIC accreditation.

The goal is to increase computer literacy to help break the digital divide for underprivileged people , with an eminently work and community focus.

The Alta Ribagorça Telecentre opens registrations for different courses. The trainings will be taught online through the Moodle platform and the Point TIC Network course repository .

During the calendar of each course, participants will have online support through this platform, and there is also the possibility of consulting in person , at agreed times .

To obtain accreditation, you must submit to the official tests of one of the complete levels of the ACTIC accreditation model, promoted by the Generalitat.

Registration must be formalized by contacting the telecenter by email ( telecentre.ar@ccar.ddl.net ) or by telephone (973 69 12 64)



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Course level
Carles Roca
Number of students
€ 10 for competition and level, 40 and 60 initial and middle levels completed.
50% discount for: Unemployed, large families, single-parent families, retirees, students and children under 30 years. Free for: Families with social assistance (see conditions).