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The youth of Nou Barris performs an audiovisual piece to reflect on gender stereotypes

Posted on 24/07/2019
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Imatge de la peça audiovisual que ha realitzat al juliol de 2019 el jovent de l'Omnia Verdum sobre obre els estereotips de gènere
Imatge de la peça audiovisual que ha realitzat al juliol de 2019 el jovent de l'Omnia Verdum sobre obre els estereotips de gènere , for Òmnia Verdum. 2019. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The young people of Òmnia Verdum have made 3D printing workshops, 2D animation and social video during the month of July. In the social video workshop they have done an audiovisual piece to reflect on the stereotypes of gender and the different violence women live in their day to day life.

Juliols de Franja Jove in Nou Barris is a program of workshops aimed at young people and adolescents that take place every year between the last week of June and the 3rd week of July, in the northern neighborhoods of Nord Barris (Verdum, Roquetes, Trinitat Nova, Prosperitat ...)

The ICT Point Òmnia Verdum participates actively in the realization of these workshops that are organized in the Board of Entities Franja 9 Barris with the aim of giving service to the youth of the neighborhood during the rest of the year, coordinated by the Plan of Barquetes de Roquetes, the Verdum Community Plan and the Roquetes Community Plan.

During the four weeks of July , Punt TIC Òmnia Verdum has participated with two workshops: 3D printing and 2D animation and the social video workshop , with a total of 36 young participants.

With this latest workshop, the young people have been able to learn the basic software tools and open source fonts , such as tips for producing a documentary video. As a final result, they have collectively produced an audiovisual piece about stereotypes and gender equality .

Through a collective debate , the students themselves have chosen the theme and the themes, as well as the subtopics and the way of linking the video with individual and collective editing exercises. The final edition has sought to include all these aspects. The final result of the workshops will be shown at the closing party , organized and managed by the adolescents enrolled in the activities.

We leave the final result of the piece.

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