A dozen facilitators took part in the virtual session, where psychologist Dominica Díez Marcet shared recommendations for dealing with technology in the family. Read more!

Image of virtual meeting
Image of virtual meeting. 2023. Font: Xarxa Punt TIC. License: All rights reserved.

Last Tuesday, October 31, the Xarxa Punt TIC held a virtual meeting on families and ICT. Therefore, a dozen dynamic people participated in the virtual session, which began with a presentation by Dominica Díez Marcet, in charge of the Behavioral Addictions Unit of the Mental Health Division of Althaia, the Manresa University Assistance Network, and ended with a space for debate.

Specifically, the psychologist Dominica Díez Marcet shared recommendations, advice and tools to address information and communication technologies in the family. Thus, the Punt TIC community was able to delve into the effects of the use of screens in childhood and adolescence, talk about communication strategies, reflect on parental controls and on the responsible use of technology and learn about guides and books of interest. Among the main ideas raised was the fact that, although children are digital natives, they need to be accompanied and advised so that they learn to use information and communication technologies safely. Also, the importance of setting limits was insisted on and some key data were discussed to understand how screens influence the learning of children and adolescents. Likewise, he was alerted to passive, almost addictive attitudes, and he took pleasure in turning them into criticism.