DWEB is committed to a healthier digital world and ranges from community Internet access networks to protocol developers for decentralization. Do you want to go deeper?

Unfortunately, these days, there are a few huge players who dominate much of the online world. The DWEB project seeks to reverse this situation and bet on a healthier Internet. In Barcelona, Digicòria promotes the project, which seeks to connect people, protocols and projects in favor of a decentralized web. The DWEB project arose from the will of a group of people who are part of the Internet Archive in the city of San Francisco in the United States and since then, it has been working to establish nodes in several cities around the world. In this sense, the network that the DWEB project fosters ranges from community networks of Internet access to protocol developers for decentralization, passing through blockchain technology.

"One of the main consequences of having a centralized Internet is that we do not have control over our own data. This is a surprising fact, since the Internet is based on very open technologies", says Bruno Vianna, a member of Digicòria, an initiative resident at the Canòdrom facilities. "From Digicòria, we want to resume this spirit and decentralize the Internet," Vianna defends.

Next Wednesday, May 24, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., Digicòria will present the DWEB project at the Canòdrom facilities, located at Carrer Concepció Arenal number 165 in Barcelona.