From Xarxa Punt TIC, we want to rethink the Mattermost, our instant channel that connects dynamic people and other members. Don't cut yourself off and answer the quiz!

Image of the #nouMattermost Campaign
Image of the #nouMattermost Campaign. 2023. Font: Xarxa Punt TIC. License: All rights reserved.

The Mattermost is the instant channel of free software and open source, one of the stakes of the Xarxa Punt TIC, which brings in contact with dynamic people and other members of the Xarxa Punt TIC. We are currently redefining the Mattermost to respond to new needs and we want to count on you.

What would you like the new Mattermost to look like? More interactive? With specific content? With practical information for your everyday life? We encourage you to answer the questionnaire attached to this news!

Together, we build the #newMattermost

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