El vocabulari de les xarxes socials conté actualment prop de 170 termes relacionats amb les diferents xarxes. Com a novetat, el recull incorpora ara la classificació de totes les entrades per àrees temàtiques, tipus de xarxes i filtres de termes.

Social Networks

It has included, as a novelty, a classification of all entries by thematic areas . In this way, in the query you can find out which network each term applies to and you can also filter terms for each of the available networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Pinterest on Youtube. In this sense, worksheets have been prepared for terms that could not yet be found, including, for example, featured story (for Instagram's highlight story), duet (for Tik Tok), or direct message (for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

The Vocabulary of social networks was published in 2014, as a result of the collaboration between TERMCAT, which provides terminological work, and the General Directorate of Citizen Services and Dissemination of the Department of the Presidency, which for through the Guide to social networks of the Generalitat de Catalunya establishes the common guidelines for the homogeneous presence of the Generalitat on social networks. It is part of the TERMCAT Online Dictionaries collection, which currently offers more than 160 titles dedicated to various fields of specialization.