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The telecentre networks from Spain meet in Murcia

Posted on 23/03/2017
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16th meeting of the Comunidad Redes de Telecentros
16th meeting of the Comunidad Redes de Telecentros, for Twitter Comunidad Redes de Telecentros. 2017. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

On 22 and 23 March was held the 16th meeting of the Comunidad Redes de Telecentros, in the technological park of Murcia. The so-called "digital natives", the training for facilitators and the educational robotics have been the protagonists.

Wednesday, March 22, they celebrated the ordinary assembly of the Association Comunidad Redes de Telecentros. They approved the action plan for 2017 and the annual meeting of the networks, with the aim of strengthening the role of telecentres in developing technological skills.

Day 23 was conducted the meeting of telecentre networks, under the theme "Training for e-inclusion" and held in the framework of the Get Online Week. Included an opening speech and two tables of experiences.

Susana Luna and Javier Pedreira "Wicho" opened the program with the presentation of the book "The digital native does not exist", providing a different view on the idea that a "digital native" it is simply for having been born after the 90's. the book serves as a guide for parents, teachers, counselors, and, in our case, professionals of the telecentre networks, that offer an informal training to digital natives and non-natives.

Then, the meeting focused on training for facilitators and in educational robotics, with an exhibition of projects being carried out.

The meeting could watch live streaming and follow on Twitter with the tag #16encuentro.